Quick and easy visitor experience

Smooth out the visitor experience for farm contractors with digital maps, automated arrivals and pre-qualification – all at the touch of a button.

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Why choose Onside for Visiting Properties

Map any property

Effortless check-in

Contractor pre-qualification

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"It saves a good 30 to 45 minutes a day of getting in and out of their trucks. Truck drivers don’t like getting out for anything. Because of Onside, we’ve made it really easy for them."

Alderson Poultry Transport

Kris Foster, National Catching & Compliance Manager

Features for Visiting Properties

Map any property in minutes

Create digital maps for both your properties and those of your customers. Plus, mark hazards on the map, so your team knows what to watch out for and stay safe.

  • Set up an emergency plan, and mark info like defibrillators.

  • Point out spots like restrooms, parking and hazards.

  • Pinpoint property blocks and lines, such as block size.
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Simplify check-in for everyone

Make check-ins hassle-free, and effortlessly share essential info like standard operating procedures with your team right when they enter the property.

  • Give your team a single check-in system with auto arrival and check-out.
  • Keep a digital record of your team’s entry and exit times for biosecurity compliance.
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Get pre-qualified with ease

Share documents and licences with property managers before check-in for quick and hassle-free approvals. Enjoy the peace of mind that your team is pre-qualified, and won't be turned away at the gate.

  • Upload documents only once and share them with the wide network of property managers.

  • Keep things up to date by setting expiry dates for your documents.

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