5 ways to simplify farm tasks with Onside

Learn how Onside Tasks makes farm life easier by reducing admin work.

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We know farm life isn't just about tending to crops and livestock. Every day, there are tasks to handle on the farm, like fixing irrigation, preparing for audits, or having routine toolbox meetings. It can get pretty busy.


Managing tasks typically involved using messaging apps, writing notes on paper, or updating a whiteboard. These methods work, but they often lead to delays and too much paperwork for those in charge of the farm.  


How do you make sure tasks are done right, and have proof when needed? We're here to make managing tasks on the farm easier with our farm management app.


Here are five ways to get more done with Onside Tasks.

1. Track progress of your tasks in one place 

Imagine having a complete view of all your tasks and their progress on your farm. Onside Tasks provides exactly that, a centralised and visual overview of what's happening. You can see who is handling which tasks, know when tasks are completed, and keep these records for reporting.

  • Know who's on task: Identify team members working on specific tasks.

  • Timely completion: Set due dates so that scheduled work is done on time.

  • Closing the loop: Add follow-up tasks to make sure tasks are completed end to end. 

  • Record compliance: Keep a detailed record of tasks for compliance needs.

  • Stay informed: Get email notifications for task updates* (coming soon)

Onside in Action

Sarah, a farm owner, starts her day by checking the Onside Tasks list. In one glance, she sees that the irrigation work has been completed, and her team has already moved on to the next tasks for the day. No more relying on scattered notes, guesswork or following up with her team—Onside gives her the clarity she needs.

2. Get things done in real-time

Don't waste time between spotting a task in the field and getting back to the office to assign it to someone.


Onside Tasks empowers you to manage tasks on your mobile. You're in control, even when you're out in the field.

  • On the go: Manage and assign tasks to your team while you are on the move. 

  • Task locations: Pin tasks to the exact location on your map and include reference photos.

  • Offline accessibility: Overcome rural connectivity challenges; access task details while offline.

Onside in action

Property manager Mark's field team spots a broken wire along a fence line. Typically, they'd resort to makeshift solutions—placing a rock on the fence, scribbling details on a piece of paper, and then letting people know. With Onside, when a broken wire is spotted, it's logged into Onside with a photo and precise geo-pinning. The task is assigned to the right person, who can now go directly to the location, with all the information they need.

3. Get ready for audits with ease

Onside Tasks puts the evidence you need for audits into your hands. No more digging through piles of paperwork —Onside consolidates task reporting and digital evidence of the tasks completed.

  • Digital task logging: Farm workers log tasks digitally, noting details like pesticide type, water usage, etc.

  • Accountability history: A detailed task history shows who completed each task, so you know who has been responsible for actions.

  • Compliance made easy: Onside creates a digital trail for audits and traceability

Onside in action

Kerrie, a compliance manager, is facing the challenge of keeping precise records for pesticide applications. In the pre-Onside era, this meant keeping paper documents —which was time-consuming, error-prone, and at risk for records getting lost or damaged. Now, her team, tasked with pesticide application, easily and quickly logs the details digitally on Onside. They can include the type of pesticide used, the quantity applied, and specific areas targeted. This not only makes compliance with regulations easier, but also helps with transparent digital records and accountability.

4. Set up recurring tasks effortlessly

Tired of the long list of repetitive tasks? Onside Tasks has your back, making routine, recurring tasks easier. You no longer need to bear the admin overload of recreating or remembering routine tasks. 

  • Time saver: You can set up recurring tasks once, saving time and mental energy

  • Set and forget: Get reminders to complete recurring tasks every time.

  • Task completion confidence: With Onside, your team is automatically reminded to complete recurring tasks. You’re now confident that all routine tasks don’t get forgotten about.

Managing these tasks can also be enhanced with a robust sign-in system. Learn more about the benefits of a digital sign-in system to keep track of who is on-site and streamline your farm operations.

Onside in action

Meet Jake, a farm owner with a critical weekly task—checking the metre. Jake assigns the daily metre check as a recurring task to a team member on Onside. This simple action ensures that the task is completed without fail, every day. The burden of manually recreating and reminding someone to do the task goes away, allowing Jake and his team to focus on more pressing, high-value farm tasks.

5. Keep everyone in the loop 

People are often on the move across rural properties, and they’re not alway easy to contact, especially if there’s poor reception. Scattered information across multiple messaging apps can lead to inefficiencies.


Onside makes it easy to keep everyone on the same page with up-to-date information.

  • Notifications: Know when you’ve been assigned a new task with instant push and email notifications.

  • All information in one place: Consolidate information about tasks in one place, making communication of tasks easier.

  • Beyond your team: Make collaboration better by sharing tasks with everyone via SMS or email, even when they don’t use the platform

Onside in action

Picture Rob, a farm owner. He assigns a task to Garry, a contractor who isn't using Onside. Even though he isn't using the app, Garry easily gets all the task information such as location, photos and due date on a text message. This makes communication easier and Garry gets the task done faster.

Ready to simplify task management on your rural property?

Whether you're a property manager like Mark or a compliance manager like Kerrie, Onside streamlines your tasks, making farm life easier and more efficient. Don't let admin overload slow you down — discover the benefits of Onside Tasks today.


Learn more or book a demo now to make your task management experience faster, and more efficient with Onside Tasks.