Know who's on your properties

Digitally capture visitor's check-in details, share safety information, and provide a detailed map. Know who's on your properties anytime, so they can get to work without delay.

Visitor List Desktop
Know Who S On Your Property Mobile

Existing visitor management processes don't give you the visibility you need

Text & calling

Trying to direct visitors over the phone, especially if you've got poor phone reception, is frustrating for everyone.

Paper sign-in book

Sign-in books often get ignored, or damaged! Visitors sometimes have to drive 40 minutes across a property just to sign a physical book.

Whiteboard risk register

Tracking risks on whiteboards means that visitors don't have mobile access to risk information.

How visitor management works with Onside

Digitally record visitor details

Get an accurate record of everyone who comes on site with Onside's mobile check-in app.

  • Record that a visitor has checked-in, and reviewed the property risks and rules.
  • Know what job they were doing.
  • Set check-in questions, such as whether someone has been inducted in the last 12 months, or if they've visited another rural property recently.
  • Visitors can check-in with their Onside app, a QR code, or through a kiosk.
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Notify the right person at the right time

Onside lets you know when visitors arrive and leave your properties.

  • Nominate key people on your team to receive alerts when visitors arrive.
  • Know that everyone has checked out at the end of the day.

You don't have to rely on visitors remembering to contact you to know if they are still checked in.

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Share site specific risks on a digital map

Onside's farm, orchard, and vineyard mapping feature allows you to:

  • Instantly update risks, like potholes or flooding.
  • Be confident that visitors have acknowledged the property risks and rules.
  • Visitors can access the emergency plan at anytime.

Share updates to everyone, no matter where they are on the property.

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Get your visitors to the right place

Onside's digital map helps your visitors easily navigate rural properties. 

  • Pin key locations like site facilities and the specific location of tasks.
  • Add roads and fences to make your map more detailed.

Visitors can access information they need from their mobile app, even in areas with poor phone reception.

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"If you just take the functionality of Onside for signing people in, it saves huge amounts of time in that alone."

Pivot Horticulture

Campbell Wood, Owner and Director 

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