Keep everyone safe when they're on site

Give your contractors, visitors, and staff mobile access to safety information, and manage risks and incidents on the property easily to ensure you are compliant.

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Current health and safety methods could put everyone at risk

Verbal instructions

The chance that everyone remembers the details of safety information passed onto them verbally is low.

Paper incident forms

You're guaranteed to have less incidents reported if people have to fill out forms in the office.

Static signage

Signs only work if you're close enough to see them. Most people on your property won't have the information when they need it.

How health and safety works with Onside

Provide digital site safety information

With Onside, create a digital map of risks on your property that everyone can access from their phones, even with poor reception.

  • Everyone entering the property acknowledges the risk and rules when they check-in.
  • Pinpoint exactly where risks are, like the location of chemical storage, and how to be safe around it.
  • Update everyone if there's a change to site safety, like a firearm is being used on the property for pest control.

Keep everyone on your property in the know, and ensure they are safe.

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Clear visibility of all your risks

With Onside's risks feature, you can:

  • See which risks still need to be mitigated.
  • Use risk templates to respond to a new risk quickly and publish it to your map.
  • Provide evidence that you have, and continue to manage risk on your property. 

Manage risks end-to-end, and know where you still need to take action.

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Make incident reporting easy for contractors, visitors, and staff

Get reliable reporting of incidents from the field with Onside's incident feature.

  • Anyone can log an incident on the Onside app from wherever they are on the property. 
  • Create corrective actions following an incident, and assign them as tasks.
  • Incidents have more detail because they are reported in the moment. They include photos and the incident location.

You get a fuller picture of what happened, and how to prevent it in the future.

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Let visitors know what to do in an emergency

Onside's mobile app gives everyone on-demand access to the property's emergency plan. 

  • Each person can see where they are on the map in relation to important locations, like a medical kit.
  • Key contacts like first aid responders are stored in the app and can be contacted directly.

If an emergency was to happen, people can quickly and easily find everything they need to respond, in one place.

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Van Dairy 3

"We use Onside’s real-time hazard mapping feature to pinpoint where the guys need to go or areas they needed to avoid, especially for people coming in the next shifts."

Van Dairy

Gary Hite, Farm Manager

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