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Using Onside as a daily operational tool means that when it's time to be audited, the data you need is ready to report in one click.

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Compliance is the thing that nobody wants to do, but everyone has to do

Whether you're being audited after a workplace incident, or you're staying compliant with your market access scheme. There are a lot of requirements to meet, and collecting and providing the evidence can take weeks. For businesses who still use manual or paper-based processes, it's complex, expensive, and time consuming.

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How audit and compliance works with Onside

Collect accurate data over time

Automatically capture user-submitted data on visitors, incidents, risks, tasks, and biosecurity movements to use later for:

  • Annual audits.
  • Industry requirements like GAP and SWA.
  • Reporting for internal stakeholders.

Let Onside do the heavy lifting so that you're already prepared ahead of audits or reporting.

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A digital paper trail

When you use Onside, all of your data has a source and follows a reliable process.

  • Easily see follow-up actions for resolving and managing incidents and risks.
  • Store required documents for everyone who works on site, like their special vehicle licenses. 
  • Information is time and date-stamped.

Make it easy to provide evidence during an audit.

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Information is digital and searchable

When you use Onside, you can find everything you need in one place when audit time comes around.

  • Know where to find all the information, rather than searching through filing cabinets or record books.
  • Add parameters in your reporting like the date range to pull up relevant information only.

Report with ease and accuracy, pass audits, and stay compliant.

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Businesses who use Onside save an average of 24 hours prepping for and conducting their annual audit.

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"We used to deal with loads of paperwork before we got Onside. We had to fill out a bunch of forms by hand. We still documented everything, but it was all manual, unlike Onside."

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Campbell Wood, Owner & Director

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