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We're an app that helps rural businesses easily communicate safety information to people coming to their properties. Because we know that rural compliance is complex and time consuming

Modern agribusiness don't want to stick with the current way of doing things

Emailing paperwork

Chasing contractors for documents and searching through emails, filing cabinet takes up needless hours

Paper sign-in books

Sign-in sheets aren't practical and often get ignored, so you can't ever be sure who's on site

Text and calling

When there's poor reception on rural properties, it's impossible to contact people to communicate updates or info

How companies in Sunraysia use Onside


Create and share digital property maps

Onside's digital mapping allows you to provide visitors access key property info on their app, even with poor phone coverage

  • Map boundaries, blocks, roads, and key locations like facilities
  • Pin site specific risks on the map, like effluent ponds, or flooding
  • Add geolocated tasks on the map so that assigned people can find them easily
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Manage visitors coming and going from your sites

Get an accurate record of everyone who comes on site with Onside's mobile check-in app, and know that everyone has received key safety information

  • Record when a visitor has checked-in, and reviewed the risks and rules of the property
  • Get mobile alerts when people arrive, and what job they'll be doing
  • See a live list of who's here on any property, no matter where you are
  • Visitors can check-in with their Onside app, a QR code, or through the kiosk
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Share information with contractors easily

Onside's contractor management helps you prepare for contractors to start work

  • Send and receive key documents with your contractors, like insurances or rights to work
  • Know whether contractors are approved or not when they arrive
  • Induct everyone when they arrive on your properties by sharing up-to-date digital information on site risks and rules
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Know that people working alone are safe

When people on your properties use the Onside app, you can be sure that everyone has checked out at the end of the day

  • You can see a list of who is still checked in, even if you are not on the property
  • Users can set up their app to automatically check them out when they leave the geo-fence
  • People working alone can directly access emergency contacts in the app for each property if they need help
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Practically share your on-farm biosecurity plan

Keep your properties safe from the spread of pests like Queensland fruit fly. When your visitors check-in with Onside, it allows you to: 

  • Share information and instructions with visitors easily on their mobile app 
  • Set custom check-in questions and rules for visitors to follow your property's biosecurity practices
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Digitise your farm maps and visitor management processes

  • Boundary and block mapping
  • Digital check-in & auto arrival
  • Visitor reporting
  • Unlimited staff and contractors
  • Store unlimited documents
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Make health and safety compliance top of mind

  • Property risks
  • Incidents
  • Emergency plan
  • End of day notifcations
  • Risk and incident reporting
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Manage multiple areas of daily operations through one tool

  • Check-in job, rules and questions
  • On site Kiosk
  • Approve contractors
  • Create and assign tasks
  • Task templates
  • Task reporting
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