Pre-qualify and induct your contractors

Get ready for contractors to work on your properties, and make it easy to collect and share all of the necessary information ahead of time. 

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Existing processes for managing contractors takes up too much time

Emailing paperwork

It's an impossible task to keep track of documents you've sent or received by email, and to remember when they expire.

Induction booklets

Someone has to be available in-person to carry out the induction, and the information could be out-of-date already.

Phone communication

Relying on phone reception to communicate safety information to everyone across rural properties could put people at risk.

How contractor management works with Onside

Qualify that contractors are fit to work on your properties

Onside's contractor management helps you be more prepared for your contractors to start work. Now it's easy to collect key information ahead of time.

  • Send and receive key documents with your contractors, like insurances or rights to work. 
  • Know whether contractors are approved or not when they arrive.
  • Automated reminders are sent to you or the contractor to update expiring documents.

Spend less time chasing documents or rummaging through files.

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Induct contractors when they arrive on your properties

Share up-to-date information with contractors with Onside's digital check-in feature.

  • They will acknowledge new property risks and rules, and use the digital map to avoid hazards as they move about the property.
  • Answer check-in questions for the property including biosecurity questions.
  • A digital record is created when the induction has happened.

Induct contractors more effectively and practically, so that they can safely carry out work on your properties.

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Know who's on your property and what job they're doing

Onside's check-in app tells you who's here in real time.

  • Get mobile alerts when contractors arrive, and what job they'll be doing.
  • If a contractor is doing a high risk job like spraying, everyone checked in will get notified.
  • Get alerted if contractors haven't checked out by the end of the day.

Effortlessly keep everyone in the loop about high risk work so that you can ensure the safety of people on your properties.

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Give contractors an easy system to report incidents & risks on the go

Reporting incidents and risks in Onside is simple.

  • Contractors get a mobile view of risks when they're in the field, and can map new risks to a specific location.
  • They can report an incident immediately from the app, instead of waiting to report it to someone in person.
  • Your contractors are more likely to report minor incidents (and near misses) with this simple process.

Ensure that your property's safety process are being met by contractors.

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"It’s not hard, and it's a great tool for contractors or visitors to report any issues they see"

Redbank Farming

Michael Nichols, Owner & Farm Manager 

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