Rural compliance made mobile

Easily map site risks, know who’s onsite, and report new risks and incidents from your phone, even in low connectivity zones.

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Existing processes are no longer practical for the modern agribusiness

Whiteboard risk registers

Tracking site risks on whiteboards and paper handouts means not everyone gets updated info

Paper sign-in books

Sign-in sheets aren't practical and often get ignored, so you can't ever be sure who's on site

Manual reporting

Creating compliance reports is impossible, since you're cobbling together unreliable data from multiple sources

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Rural safety and operations software designed for the field, so it actually gets used

See exactly who's on your property, even if they forget to check-in

Get an accurate, real time record of who's onsite with Onside's mobile app.

  • Get a notification when people arrive through your property's geofence.
  • Send them a reminder to complete their mobile check-in.
  • Know that everyone checking into the property has acknowledged the check-in rules, and answered the biosecurity check-in questions. 

Get the full picture, without relying on manual check-ins.

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Share a site specific risk map with everyone checked in to your property

Onside's digital farm mapping and geofence feature allows you to:

  • Instantly update risks.
  • Share them with contractors, visitors, and staff.
  • Be confident they've acknowledged key safety information.

Complete inductions for anyone on the property, regardless of their location.

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Assign follow-up actions to manage risks and incidents

Use tasks to keep track of all jobs to be done to close the loop for compliance.

  • Get clarity into who’s responsible and visibility into task progress.
  • Use templates to create recurring tasks for actions like pre-start checklists and toolbox meetings.
  • Maintain a digital log of completed tasks for health and safety compliance evidence.
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Generate accurate reports without the manual admin

Automatically compile user-submitted data on check-ins, tasks, incidents, and risks into comprehensive reports required for:

  • Annual audits.
  • Industry requirements like GAP and SWA.
  • Reporting for internal stakeholders.

Report with ease and accuracy, pass audits, and stay compliant.

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See how Onside works

1. Digitally check-in

See how visitors can easily check-in, and review risks and rules

2. Report an incident

Interact with the map and add incidents, risks, and tasks

3. See who's on site

See a live visitor list, and share safety information in the app

Ready to get started?
Ready to get started?
Ready to get started?

Access all these features within Onside

Digital check-in

Contractors, visitors, and staff can check-in on their app

Farm mapping

Easily create digital maps, and share live with visitors

Pre-qual and induction

Ensure all key documents are linked from a contractor before work starts

Task management

Assign tasks to people and pin the location on the map

Risks and incidents

Manage your health and safety features in one place


Create on-demand reports of farm activities for audits

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