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Frequently asked questions

  • What is ROI?

    ROI means return on investment. If you were to invest in purchasing an Onside plan, what return would you see back for your company.

  • How is the ROI calculated?

    1. The ROI is calculated by taking an average salary of $80,000, and then determining what a typical time savings would be across check-in and induction, task management, and incident and risk management.
    2. Then this is multiplied across your number of contractors, staff, and properties to result in the amount of total hours saved monthly.
    3. The total hours saved is multiplied against your average hourly rate to give you a $ cost savings.

    Download your ROI report to see the full workings.

  • Can I speak to someone about the results?

    Of course, you can contact us a number of different ways to speak about this. Click here to see the options.