Protect your properties from biosecurity risks

Onside helps you proactively communicate your biosecurity plan. Let visitors know how to reduce the risk of bringing pests or diseases on site when they check-in.

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Existing ways to manage biosecurity risk aren't reliable enough

Written questionnaires

Someone has to be available in-person to check that visitors don't pose a biosecurity risk.

Paper sign-in books

Sign-in books often get ignored, or partially completed, so you don't have accurate information about people on-site.

Manual instructions

Communicating instructions using signs, text messages, or paper booklets increases the chance of something getting missed.

How biosecurity works with Onside

Know immediately if someone checking in could be a biosecurity risk to your property

With Onside's digital check-in app, you can:

  • Ask check-in questions to screen for pest and disease transmission.
  • Get mobile notifications if any of the check-in answers highlight a potential biosecurity risk.

Know what is happening, even when you're not on the property.

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Practically share your on-farm biosecurity information

When your visitors check-in with Onside, it allows you to:

  • Share information and instructions with visitors easily on their mobile app.
  • Be confident that all visitors have acknowledged the information when they come onto the property.

Keep your property safe from pests and diseases.

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Have a complete record of who has been on your properties

Get a digital history of who has checked in to your property.

  • Access accurate check-in records from anywhere.
  • Review visitors biosecurity responses.
  • Instantly find a visitor's contact details.

So that you can quickly follow up with people if there is a biosecurity concern.

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Your industry is stronger together

When your industry is involved with Onside, you can:

  • Record high biosecurity risk movements of people who check-in to your properties.
  • Share anonymised movement data to your industry body.
  • Download biosecurity reports on-demand for industry compliance schemes like GAP or SWA.

Your industry is more resilient and better prepared to respond to biosecurity incursions quickly.

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Cargo Road Wines 3

"When we have contractors for periods of pruning in winter, we might have 10 to 20 contractors that we know have been to other vineyards so we get them to check-in using Onside.”

Cargo Road Wines

James Sweetapple, Holistic Manager & Winemaker

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