Map your farm, in minutes

Say goodbye to paper maps and experience a real-time, digital view of your farm. From blocks and facilities to hazards and roads, share an always up-to-date map with people visiting your property.

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Why choose Onside for Farm Mapping

Real-time view

Live & shareable

Keep people safe

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"There’s a certain amount of information that everyone needs to be updated with. Having that information easily accessible on visitors' phones is hugely efficient."


Leigh Pennman, Regional Field Technician

Features for Farm Mapping

Put your farm on the map

Easily navigate from point A to B with digital maps. Keep people visiting your farm informed with essential info like routes, hazards and points of interest, all in one up-to-date source.

  • Define property boundaries accurately.
  • Show roads, paths, or shapes such as blocks and crops.
  • Highlight utilities, parking and facilities for accessibility.
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Keep your visitors safe

Whether it's finding the best routes or staying clear of risks and hazards, digital maps make it easy for your farm visitors to stay aware and safe at all times.

  • Mark GPS locations of hazards.
  • Pinpoint assembly points and first aid resources for emergencies.
  • Filter map layers to clearly view hazards and points of interest.
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Geofence your farm

Can’t keep track of who’s entering and leaving your property? A geofence is the simplest way to stay on top of movement across your property. 

  • Get instant alerts when people arrive or leave your farm.

  • Set custom boundaries to mark no-go areas.

  • Simplify visitor navigation around the property.

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