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Property mapping

With Onside, create a digital map of your properties that everyone can access from their phones, even with limited reception

  • Created detailed maps including boundaries, blocks, roads, points of interest and facilities 
  • Pinpoint exactly where risks are, like the location of chemical storage, and how to be safe around them
  • Use the map to pin key locations of tasks so that people can get to the right place to carry out work
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Digital check-in

Get an accurate record of everyone who coming and going with Onside's mobile check-in app

  • Record who has checked in, and what they were there to do
  • Visitors must acknowledge new risks and rules, and answer the property's custom check-in questions
  • Get active notifications when visitors arrive and leave
  • Visitors can check-in with their Onside app, a QR code, or through a kiosk
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Risks and incidents

With Onside, you can manage risks and incidents from end-to-end

  • Anyone can report risks and incidents on the Onside app from wherever they are on the property
  • Reported risks and incidents can include a higher level of detail like photos and locations, and can be reported in the moment
  • Create corrective actions for risks and incidents to manage the safety of people on site, and keep a digital paper trail of diligence
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Lone worker safety

With the Onside app, you can be sure that people working alone are safe at the end of the day

  • See a list of who is still checked in, even if you are not on the property
  • Set up end of day notifications to get alerted if people are still checked in at the end of the day
  • People working alone can directly access emergency contacts in the app for each property if they need help
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Contractor pre-qualification and induction

Onside let's you easily manage contractors, and collect and share up-to-date information with them so they are ready to start work on your properties

  • Send and receive key documents with your contractors, like insurance certificates, and get alerts when they are due for renewal
  • Know whether contractors are approved or not when they arrive
  • Contractors will view and acknowledge risks and rules when they arrive at the property
  • A digital record of their safety induction is stored in Onside
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Task management

Onside Tasks gives you a complete view of the tasks on your properties

  • Create and assign tasks to one or more people, which they can see in their Onside app
  • Pinpoint tasks on the digital map, and include details like photos to make it simple for someone to find
  • Create regular tasks from pre-made templates, like toolbox meetings
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Onside collects accurate data over time, so you're ready to produce reports in one click, anytime

  • Download reports for visitors, incidents, risks, tasks, and biosecurity movements 
  • Download in CSV or PDF formats
  • Add parameters to reporting like a date range to pull up relevant information 
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Get real-time, accurate data to meet operational, compliance and certifications needs in agriculture

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