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Keeping people safe on your site is an important responsibility. Onside makes it easier and more transparent, while helping you to meet your compliance requirements.

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"Onside has created a paperless solution that allows incident reporting to be accurately captured and audited if and when needed."


Leigh Pennman, Regional Field Technician

Features for Health and Safety

Risk reporting has never been easier

Make sure everyone who arrives on the property has visibility of risks to reduce the chance that someone could get hurt.

  • Anyone can report a risk in the app, as soon as they see it.
  • Property administrator will verify and assess the severity.
  • Manage the risks as you need and keep everyone safe.
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Near miss or not, incidents logged

Having a digital place to manage incidents makes its easier for anyone to log, and increases the chance that minor incidents or near misses make it onto the register.

  • Record an incident on the Onside app.
  • Property admins receive notification of incidents logged.
  • Pull incident reporting regularly to make sure that potential future harm is mitigated.
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Know who to call in an emergency

Add your emergency plan to give everyone access to key emergency contacts and information, even when they're out in the field.

  • At a glance see first aid contacts, and evacuation points.
  • Call an emergency contact directly from the app without needing to have saved their phone number.
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